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Electoral Roll : Andaman & Nicobar A & N Islands

Organisation : Andaman & Nicobar A & N Islands
Facility : Form 8A For Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll

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Form 8A :
For Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll

Application for transposition of name within the constituency can also be filed through out the year even when the revision programme is not going on goa election results 2017.
1. About “SVEEP” Campaign :
For the coming General Elections, 2014 the Election Commission of India has directed that SVEEP (Systematic Voters Education & Electoral Participation) activities should be carried out to create voter awareness.
As per SVEEP plan of the Islands, various activities have been initiated for generating voter awareness through medium like :
** News papers, Television, Radio
** Hoardings, Banners, Posters
** Street plays, Rallies, Appeal and Pledge letters
** SMS etc

Such initiatives have been very successful in past Elections and have yielded very good results by increasing voter participation. The overall aim of SVEEP activities for this UT will be to increase voters turn out and voting. The level of voting of this UT in General Elections, 2009 was only 64% which is very low and needs to be increased. This time the aim of UT Election Department is to have 100% voting and hence the SVEEP activities will focus on “Theme of 100% voting” and especially focus on those areas/groups where voting percentage was low in the last Election.

2. “VATAN” :
a. “VATAN” – Reach and Outreach :
As in Andaman and Nicobar Islands there are no common media to ensure a uniform outreach of SVEEP activities in all areas of the Union Territory, so it is felt that a major focus of SVEEP activities should be on reaching all the villages and polling station areas through localised outreach teams which are named as “VATAN” i.e. Voters Awareness Teams For Andaman and Nicobar.

b. “VATAN” – Team composition :
Each VATAN team will have approximately 6 Members including the Trainer. These members and trainers are being trained by 5 Master Trainers who have already been identified by the Department of Election which is also imparting training to these master trainers. 4 Master Trainers are moving to Car Nicobar, Nancowrie, Campbell Bay and Mayabundar and one will remain in Port Blair. The Master Trainers will assist the DEO’s to set up the VATAN teams who will be selected from amongst NYKS, NCC, NSS, NGO’s, Artists etc as per the decision of the concerned District Election Officers.

c. “VATAN” – Team distribution in A & N Islands :
The distribution of VATAN team is as follows :
** 20 Teams for for South Andaman District
** 12 Teams for North and Middle Andaman District and
** 9 Teams for Nicobar District

4. ”SVEEP” – Campaign schedule and Activities :
These VATAN teams will start their activities preferably from 28th March, 2014 and will continue till the date of polling i.e. 10th April, 2014.

The VATAN teams will carry out the following activities:
** Perform the Nukkad Nataks as per the scripts approved by CEO.
** Enact the audio spots of AIR, and AV spots of Doordarshan and Cable TV channels.
** Sing the Election theme songs prepared by the Election Department.
** Play Election awareness CD’s wherever possible.
** Distribute and put up the SVEEP materials eg. Leaflets, Banners etc.
** Any other work given to them by CEO under SVEEP.

It has tentatively been decided to hold a voting festival throughout the UT on 05th and 6th April, 2014. The VATAN teams will also help to organise and conduct this festival under the overall direction of the CEO/DEOs.

CEO Desk :

The A & N Islands represent a mini India with a rich variety of cultures, languages, religions and customs. Nothing picturises this better than Electoral Rolls of this UT. Presently, around 2.578 lakhs people of votable age 18 years & above have been enrolled in the UT, out of total population of around 3.805 lakhs, as per Census 2011.

The Election department has been doing a wonderful job in maintaining Electoral Rolls, during the summary and supplementary revisions. The remoteness of islands poses major challenges in the activities of department, but these have been overcome, with the commitment and hard work put in by the officers and staff of the department.

Presently, IT infrastructure and IT support team are at a very minimum level and plans are in place for strengthening them at various levels. It is hoped that this will go a long way in effectively using resources of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in improving efficiency of operations of the department and bringing in transparency.

This website is an effort of the Election department, A & N Islands to provide better delivery of services to the islanders. I would request the citizens of the Islands to view this website and provide feedback
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